SharePoint Online: Sharing (parts of) your Team Site with external users

Sometimes you want your team site or parts of that Team Site to be shared with people external of your company, to people who don’t have a Microsoft Online Account on your Office 365.

Requirement: the users that you want to share with need to have their email address connected to a Microsoft Live Account.

First of all we need to activate this on Site Collection Level

  1. In your Administrator Portal, go to Admin > SharePoint
  2. Go to Site Collections
  3. Select your Site Collection by checking the check box in front on your site collection
  4. Click on Sharing
  5. Use the proper setting of how you want your external sharing to be configured.
  6. Click Save

After that you can give the external user access on the desired part of the team site.

When you’ve done that you should see in the Site Settings a new menu item.  This item is called Acces Requests and invitations


The invited user will received the following mail in his mailbox:


When we click on the Team Site link, we have to enter our live id and corresponding password or our organization account if we already have an Office 365 tenant. If we have neither we need to create a new live id. The link is also provided on that page.


In our history of invitations, we’ll see that this external account has accepted the invitation and is ready to be use as a regular user in your SharePoint Online environment.


Jasper Oosterveld did a series of this topic if you want to read more about it:

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