Create your custom security level for SharePoint Online

The most used security levels in SharePoint Online are , Read, Contribute & Full Control. If we want a security level that allows the user to add and change an item, but not to remove the item, then are the built-in security levels not an option.

Solution: So we have to build our own custom level.

Requirement: you have to be site collection administrator.

Scope: Custom Security Levels created like this are bound to a SiteCollection.

  1. Go to your Site Collection Root and click on the Settings wheel
  2. Go to Site Settings and select Site Permissions
  3. Click on the Permissions Levels

To create a new permission level we can just click on Add Permission Level, give it a name and check all the actions that are allowed. Since we have to rebuild the Permission Level, the chance that we make a mistake is kinda big.

Because our custom level looks very much like the Contribute level, we are going to copy that level and make the necessary changes by deselecting the actions.

  1. Click on Contribute
  2. Scroll all the way down and click on Copy Permission Level
  3. Give your new level a name and a description
  4. Deselect the actions that has the word Delete in it
  5. Click on Create

Done. Now you are ready to start using the Custom Permission Level, wherever you need it.

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