Using the Usage Policy in Yammer

When you work with a system, whatever system it is, you need to have a set of rules, what is allowed, what is not allowed, what kind of behavior is desired on the service, … in short a Usage Policy. The problem with most usage policies is that people just don’t read them, because they are complex, not easy to find, not up-to-date, etc.

In Yammer we have a feature called Usage Policy, which can be found in Admin > Design and Configuration > Usage Policy


I’ve checked the Require users to accept .. and the Display policy reminder in sidebar. This gives me the certainty that my users have to accept it before they can use Yammer and they can easily retrieve it because is always shown in the sidebar.


My admin user who was logged in when I activated this and hadn’t accept the Usage Policy got the follow popup.


When I invited a new user, he got during registration the following:


So I couldn’t register my new user without confirming this. When the Usage Policy was updated the new user got as well a nice popup to warn him about the updates.

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