Office 365 Verify a Domain Quickly

I have had several people ask me about verifying a domain in Office 365.  About 6-8 months ago Microsoft changed the way a domain is verified, if an admin wanted to add a domain for Exchange Online and selected that as the domain intend, well they needed to change several DNS records to conform to what Microsoft expected and advised.  While this can be good for some, most don’t want or can’t change some DNS records just to get a domain verified in Office 365, specifically the DNS MX record associated with the domain.  When you want to add and verify a domain for testing purposes or more importantly to use as a UPN domain for authentication here is the trick:  Don’t declare a domain intent!  If you leave the below checkmarks blank, Microsoft will still allow the domain to be verified using the DNS TXT record method.  The DNS TXT Record method simply requires that you create an external DNS TXT Record containing MS=MSXXXXXXXXX (X’s being replaced by specific numbers given during the domain add wizard).


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