Windows Azure Active Directory: Self Service Password Reset Portal

One of the new features of Windows Azure Active Directory is the Self Service Password Reset Portal. A feature that was available for Administrators already but not the end-users.

The first thing that you need to do is to Sign Up the premium features of Windows Azure Active Directory.

  • Go to the Windows Azure management portal:
  • Go to Active Directory
  • Select your Directory
  • Sign Up for features in preview
  • Select Windows Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Connect it to a Subscription



Once the signup is complete go back to your directory and you’ll see a button  Enable Active Directory Premium


Select the number of contacts methods are required and which are available to users. You can choose to use the mobile phone number.This means that before users can do a full password reset they need to register their mobile number or the administrator has to make sure that there is some kind of system in place that does it for them. Don’t forget to activate the password reset before by selecting All.

attention Attention, the mobile number must be well formatted. E.g. +32123456789 will not work it has to be +32 123456789. Mind the space between +32 and 123456789. When the user registers the mobile number through the portal it is correctly formatted.

The url for the registration is :

  • Enter your mobile number
  • Choose if you want a text or an automated call
  • Enter the received code



Once this is done, we can do a password reset. Go to https// and click on Can’t access your account. Enter your username & the captcha showing on the screen. Click on Next.


Now we enter the password reset procedure. Choose your telephone number if you have multiple and click on Next


Select if you want to be contacted by text or automated call. Click Next and enter the code you’ve received.


If your were successful in this step you’ll get the opportunity to change your password.


4 thoughts on “Windows Azure Active Directory: Self Service Password Reset Portal

  1. Hmm,

    Doesn’t look secure to me.

    As by default logged in persons have read rights on AD, so I could read out those properties out of the AD and then just reset someone else’s account.

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