#GetItDone – Working Elsewhere with Office 365, Outlook and Lync

Working in a team that offers flexibility, I can choose to work from home on occasion. There are various ways I can let my team and other work colleagues know that I’m not in the office. One way is to block out your time or individual appointments in your calendar. Our organization shares the details of our calendar appointments. I can set my appointment to Show As > Out of Office.

But with Office 365, I can work remotely and I am more than out of the office. I am Working Elsewhere.
Try using this in your calendar more often, to show colleagues that you are still planning to work, but you are working elsewhere such as at home, from a customer site, on holiday… hang on… that’s not right, right?


Combine your calendar “Show As” status with a Lync “What’s Happening” message and set your Location to At Home, or wherever you are Working Elsewhere.


There are a number of options. Make use of one that works for you.
It’s got to be better than an internal distribution group telling everyone, I’m working from home on…

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