Meeting notes made easy..

With the increase in remote working and many of my clients moving to Office 365, it has meant that more and more of my meetings these days are using Lync Online. Generally when I get into a meeting the first thing I do is fire up OneNote and start jotting down notes. With Lync Online there is some really nice integration with OneNote that makes this even easier.

When you are in your meeting click the ‘Presentation’ icon and select OneNote:


If you have the option for  Shared Notes this is because you have another Notebook added into your OneNote, this allows you to save to that Notebook as well. ‘My Notes’ obviously refers to you saving the meeting notes into your own Notebook.


Once you have selected the location to add your notes into, OneNote is automatically launched. The meeting date is stamped in the title, the content is listed, in this case a PowerPoint presentation; and all participants are listed as well.


If you expand the Participants list, everyone is hyperlinked and if you click on their name it launches an e-mail to their address.

one2Office 365 working in harmony with Office 2013.

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  1. Good to know that this is possible out of lync too. I just used it from Outlook every calendar entry have a option send to OneNote. This also includes the people and all the other meeting details.

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