Check your Office365 Status anytime, everywhere …

As far as most of you know if there´s any problem with your Office365 is by having the problem directly or via phone call of the users complaning about the service, then you access the Service Health Dashboard (SHD from now on) after making some prior tests and investigations. Well why don´t get anticipated to the problem and save time on the problem solving?

One of the fine features that Office365 SHD brings us is that you can follow up the status of every component via RSS to be configured on any RSS feeder program including Internet Explorer!

How to do it? very simple, just enter your Office365 subscription ( with at least Service Admin Role credentials and then go to Service Health inside “dashboard” section and click on the “View details and history” link:


There you will have the RSS button to get the feed source on the right hand side of the screen:


As a tip, subscribe to the feed with Internet Explorer and then add it to the favorites bar, that way you´ll have a real-time monitoring of your Office365 SHD 🙂


And if you want a solution for monitoring your Office365 from a smartphone, you can get the Office365 Admin tool, which will get the status of the Service Health Dashboard and bring it to your smartphone screen.

This utility is very simple as it only manages to notify and show the Office365 Administrator the Service Health of the service, if there´s an issue or if it´s been one, know the status, details and also access the Post Incident Report (PIR).

Actually this APP is in B1 phase and only suuports the viewing of one tenant at a time, but in the future is expected to support “multi-tenancy” and integrate the support tickets for those Admins that manage more than one subscription 😉 As a requisite, the account that needs to be used on the APP has to be at least a Service Admin or Global Admin.

Here are some screenshots of the APP for you to take a look:

wp_ss_20131126_0001 wp_ss_20131126_0002 wp_ss_20131126_0003 wp_ss_20131126_0004 wp_ss_20131126_0005 wp_ss_20131126_0006

As a final comment, this demonstrates that there´s an API to play with in Office365, but it´s inside Microsoft walls by the moment. ;).

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