Create an Application Portal with WAAD Premium

We’ve been talking about 2 of the 3 features of Windows Azure Active Directory on this blog.

  1. Change the appearance of your login screen:
  2. Self Service Reset Password Portal:

The third feature we want to highlight is the Application Portal. As with the previous 2 features you need to activate the Premium Features if you haven’t already. The url of the Application Portal is . Logon with your Organizational Account (read Windows Azure Active Directory Account).

And this is the result.


By default 2 applications are already activated: SharePoint Online & Outlook Web App

If we want to add additional application we have to do that through the Azure Management Portal.

  1. Go to
  2. Login
  3. Go to Active Directory
  4. Select your Active Directory
  5. Go to Application


Click on the ADD button at the bottom. Choose if you want to add an application that you are developing or one that is provided by a third party through the Application Gallery. In this scenario we’ll pick the last scenario.


The application that I use to do book keeping is XERO. An they also have a application in this Gallery …


When I add this application it will be added to the Azure Management Portal.


The next step is to assign this application to users. Not everybody needs to have this in the Application Portal. Only people who have access to your book keeping software should see this. So Windows Azure Active Directory allows us to assign some kind of Audience to that application.


You can choose if you assign users based on their username or based upon the membership of a security group.


In my case it’s only me, so I select my user name and click on Assign. I can use this opportunity to enter the credentials of the XERO for that user of I can choose to leave it up to user to do that.


If I go back to my and refresh my page I’ll get this:


If you didn’t provide the Credentials for the app, you can do this in this portal by clicking on the Gear Wheel.

Let’s do try this and see what happens:

012 013



So without having to enter my credentials I got logged in to Xero from my own Applications Portal.

Check out the Application Gallery to find your favorite application.

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