Multi Factor Authentication with Office Clients

In one of my blog post I talked about Multi Factor Authentication and how to set it up.

One of the limitations of multi factor authentication was, that it couldn’t be used with Outlook & Lync, today we have to announce that this limitation is solved. To make this available we need to generate an application app.

To configure the multi factor, go to the Microsoft Online Portal. When you’ve entered the correct credentials you need to chose an additional security verification:


Configure the Mobile App, Mobile phone, Office phone, … what type of verification you like best. Read more on


Click on verify now, your selected verification option will ask you to verify your credentials.


Enter you mobile number.



Click on Generate app password.


It’s this password that we’re going to use in our outlook profile. When you create a new profile and you need to enter a password, you chose the app password that the portal has generated for you.



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