When I talk about security within cloud services, I always like to start with identities. And within Office 365 that is not different. One of the most overlooked parts of security is making sure you have your authentication process set up correctly. We try to educate end-users to make sure they are not distributing their username and password, we implement password policies to support them in keeping their information safe. Sometimes we might even consider -and if we are lucky implement- multi factor authentication.

And that is it?! It doesn’t have to be. In this post, I am going to address conditional access in Office 365. To be able to setup this up you need Azure Active Directory P2 license, there are multiple ways to enable this, either standalone or as a part of a more extensive SKU. Microsoft even provides a 30-day trial you can spin up to test it and see if it is something you like/need or not.

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Azure Active Directory and Office 365: Conditional Access

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