Security and Office 365 through Secure Score, download my eBook.

Let’s just drop it here. It is finally here. My first eBook/white paper, whatever you want to call it around Office 365 and Security. If you don’t want to read the story behind it, that is fine, I will not be offended. Download it here.

For weeks I have been trying to get this out of the door. Ever since Secure Score came out, I wondered how to make the most of your security on Office 365 and get that number as high as possible. Even though Secure Score does a really good job in trying to explaining the What and the How, it lacked a bit the Why behind it in my opinion. That is what I tried to do, I use this document on my own tenant and it did help me increasing security and getting it all under control. I hope it does the same for you.

Feedback is always welcome, positive as negative. This is a learning path for me as well.

Download it here.