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We´re happy to contribute to the new website of the Office 365 MVP community at!

This cool website was created by Darrell Webster and combines the blog feeds of the most known Office 365 MVP´s – worldwide!

There are also some other MVP´s who share their expertise in the Office 365 products Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Azure Active Directory. More information about the Microsoft MVP award program can be found here.

We designed and developed the new website layout. This is how it looks:


It´s HTML5 and responsive for a good user experience on smartphones.

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See also some more sources with #Office365 Know How!

Additonally Jethro Seghers  created and fills the  Tipp of the day Blog with a daily post about Office 365 tips, 365 days a year!

For Tipp of the day Blog we programmed a Windows 8 App and a Windows Phone 8 App.
You find them here in the Microsoft stores:

Then there´s the Office 365 FM Podcast web hosted by Loryan Strant.

Sean McNeill is organizing the Yammer Group – contributing the Office 365 International Usergroup. Sean is host of the monthly Lync meeting of the Office 365 International Usergroup:

In 2010 we´ve created a cloudusergroup fanpage on Facebook where we put in a lot of tips and news about cloud computing!

And – cause it´s christmas – we´ve a cool xmas-video! Check it out:

So, a lot of stuff about Office 365 news and know how!
We´re happy if you find useful information and being part of the Office 365 international community!

Stay tuned for news and updates on all our channels #office365!

Disable Office 365 Password Expiration

Office 365 has a password policy, which is by default set to expire on a regular basis (90 days). There are some guidelines which help to make sure that the password is secure:

  • Use 8 to 16 characters
  • combination of upper- and lowercase letters
  • at leat one numer or one symbol (be aware that the symbol is available in every language on every keyboard)
  • Do not use spaces, tabs, line breaks, your user name

Each user is able to change his password at any time. If a user forgets his password it can be reset by an Office 365 administrator.

In some cases – for example for service accounts – it is useful to change the password expiration policy to never expire.

In this post I will show you how you can disable the password expiration.

In office 365 you need only two lines to disable the password policy. First open the Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows Powershell. (Download: 32bit or 64bit).

Connect to Office 365


In the dialog enter the credentials of an administrator:


To change a single user:

Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName <username> -PasswordNeverExpires $True

To change all users at once:

Get-MsolUser | Set-MsolUser -PasswordNeverExpires $True


That’s it. You can control the result with the following command:

Get-MsolUser | fl