Connect to SharePoint Online with the SharePoint Online Management Shell

Required Software

Windows Management Framework 3.0

SharePoint Online Management Shell

Connect to SharePoint Online

1.     Open SharePoint Online Management Shell

a.    Click Start

b.    Click All Programs

c.    Click SharePoint Online Management Shell

d.    Right Click SharePoint Online Management Shell and run as Administrator

2.    Run the following command, modified for your own tenant

 Connect-SPOService -Url -credential

-Url is the URL of the SharePoint Online Admin Centre

-Credential is the user that has admin access to the SharePoint Online service

OWA for Devices

In July Microsoft released their OWA app for iPhone and iPad. The feedback regarding this app has been excellent however it has raised questions about information security. The default setting for each user mailbox allows the app to connect, therefore it is important to be able to disable the app if required. This can be done using both the portal and PowerShell.

Portal Management

Logon to the Exchange Admin Center in the portal and select Recipients | Mailboxes. Highlight the relevant user and select Disable OWA for Devices


PowerShell Management

As you can guess this could get a bit laborious with a few thousand users so PowerShell comes to the rescue. This feature is managed by the Set-CASMailbox cmdlet.

Set-CASMailbox -OWAforDevicesEnabled $false

The command above will disable the app for the relevant person listed, and scripts can be developed to apply this to multiple people.